Missouri and Kansas need strong PDMPs!

This year, Missouri came closer than ever to finally establishing a state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, a common-sense solution to the opioid epidemic. But in May, Missouri’s legislature failed to pass SB 314, and so Missouri continues to be the only state in our country without a lifesaving PDMP.

PDMPs track prescriptions for potentially addictive drugs, which reduces inappropriate opioid prescribing and prevents accidental overdoses. Missouri’s legislators, led by Rep. Holly Rehder, have been trying to create a state PDMP for years. But every time, they’ve been obstructed by a small number of voices. 

And just next door, Kansas does have a state-run PDMP, but it needs to be strengthened in order to have the biggest lifesaving effect for the region.

We’ve got to keep the pressure on. Missouri and Kansas both need strong PDMPs that comply with the evidence-based provisions that are proven to save the most lives. Make your voice heard now!

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Thank you so much for taking action and joining our campaign for strong PDMPs in Missouri and Kansas.

If Missouri had had a PDMP in 2016, 600 lives would have been saved. Our country’s addiction crisis is urgent, and we must continue to demand common sense solutions.

Please share this campaign with your family and friends. We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Thanks again!