Tell your representatives: We must protect insurance coverage for substance use disorders

Harvard-NYU researchers estimate that more than four million Americans will lose access to substance use and mental illness treatment if the ACA is repealed without a replacement law that protects this essential insurance coverage. 

And millions more would be at risk of missing out on future insurance coverage because addiction is considered a pre-existing condition. 

We can't let this happen. According to the CDC, we're in the midst of the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history, and drug overdose is now the #1 cause of accidental death in our country.

As our representatives work toward replacing the Affordable Care Act, we must let them know that protecting access to insurance coverage for substance use disorder treatment is incredibly important. 

Call, email, or tweet to your representatives right now and make your voice heard.

Reach out to your representatives now. Call, email, or get in touch on social.

*You'll receive a call from 202-831-8180 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Thank you for taking action, letting your representatives know how important it is to protect access to insurance coverage for addiction treatment. 

Meetings about replacing the ACA are happening right now, and we don't have a moment to spare: Share this campaign with your family and friends, and let's make sure our voices are heard loud and clear.

Here's a sample script you can follow once you're connected with your officials:

Hello, I'm your constituent from [LOCATION]. I'm calling to urge you to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Researchers estimate that more than four million Americans will lose access to addiction treatment if the ACA is repealed.  

We're in the midst of the worst drug overdose epidemic in U.S. history. Repealing the ACA without a replacement would be irresponsible.

This issue is very important to me. I urge you to do everything in your power to save Obamacare and protect treatment for people with substance use disorders and mental illness.


Thank you!